Virutal webcam support (webcamoid)


I use Lightburn in Linux Mint and like to add a mjpg / rtsp webcam to place the parts in Lightburn.

But AFAIS Lightburn do not support network cameras until now so I search for an usb webcam emulator and get aware of

Will Lightburn support the virtual webcam created from Webcamoid?

Many thank’s for your support!

Possibly - we’ve never tried it. Windows users have had luck with virtual cameras, so it should probably work. But I cannot guarantee that it will - this is also because you are using Linux Mint which has problems with regular cameras in many cases (it’s a gstreamer version issue).

With webcamoid I do not have luck, so I tried OBS and this works OOB!

Just install it with the repo and run it, select vlc as source and add the webcam mjpeg or rtsp url there, then start virtal cam in OBS.
Select the “Dummy video device” in Lightburn will show the image.

I will use a ESP32Cam with an FishEye cam module and the case and firmware from here:

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