Visible Lines & Lighter Lines in Photos Engraving on Tile

Hello together!

I’ve been trying the Nicky Norton method for a while and it works slowly.
But what struck me was that in the photos I lasered with Lightburn, I always had lighter stripes inside!

If I laser the same image with the same settings in RDworks, I don’t have it.
It doesn’t matter if I use Jarvis, Stucki, Newsprint or others.

The problem also only occurs at slow speeds such as e.g. 50mm / s.
From 100mm / s and above, the problem no longer exists.

is this possibly a bug in Lightburn?

Since the same picture as said with the same settings for speed and power is lasered in RD Works without any problems!

Hope everbody can understand my bad English :frowning:

Kind Regards

Has the photo been dithered outside LightBurn? If so, use ‘Pass-Through’ which will tell LightBurn to not internally reprocess your image. Please post a screen capture of the original art and the results from both software for review.

Good Morning!
No the Photo has not been dithered outside.
I only imported this in Lightburn, Choose Jarvis and set my Laser Parameter.

unfortunately I have already disposed of the engraved flow because I already had so many here.
The next time I try it I take a picture & post it here!

best regards

Hi again!

I now have laserd a Photo of a car on white Tile, white painted…
The Photo i only have imported to Lightburn, and resized it to a little smaller!
Than i Choose my Power & Speed Settings & select Jarvis with 254 DPI!

Unfortunately, the stripes in this photo are not as easy to see as on others, but they are clearly present!
(sorry for this bad quality photo … my Camera on my Smartphone is driveing mit crazy…)

Then i have laserd this again with RD works. “Same” Settings… Photo IMported, resized, Dither & 254 DPI with also 50mm/s and 16% max Power. form my 60W Tube.

And i also have these “lines”, so I have to apologize my to you.

But if i laser this Photo again, for Example with 100mm/s and same Power Settings…
then these lines are suddenly no longer visible.

Can somebody help or can explain me this?
Because if i laser faster (100mm/s) i got no “deep” black" colour… so my black is grey and light… :frowning:

Kind Regards

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