Visualization bug on layout

On my Lenovo b50-50 15’’ I can’t view FULL LAYOUT like this image, if I want view “colour palette” the two work’s windows on the right overlap.

I read many topics, I try to reduce smaller icon and font size and try to old the Shift key to ignore the window restore prefs but don’t work

Try updating your LightBurn version to 0.9.19, it could be that the problem was solved a long time ago.

I’ve start and downloaded latest version 2 days ago

on your screen it says 0.9.11 …?

It’s the screen of tutorial :frowning:

What is the resolution of your display?

1366x768 (max resolution avaiable)

That’s the issue - LightBurn’s default layout needs more vertical height than that. If you move the color palette to the side (docked beside the left side tools) that will help. You can also stack the right-side windows so they are tabbed on top of each other instead of both being visible at the same time.

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once this layout is set, is there a way to save it?

Yes. Close the software (window layout is always saved and restored)

Many thanks!

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