Voids in the lines

My software, 1.4.01, leaves missing spots in line drawings. It happens in new projects and old ones which worked fine until today.

If you can attach a LightBurn file that exhibits this behaviour we’ll see if we can see what’s going wrong.

I don’t know how to do that but all of my files, new and old do the same thing. Pieces missing from the lines. usually in the left upper corner of the object. If I type a name in it leaves spaces, voids in the letters.

Ok, without an actual file it’s hard to say for certain but it sounds like you’ve got ‘Tabs’ enabled. Open up the cut setting editor and check whether they’re enabled.

Well, cool enough it makes a difference in “advanced” mode but not in “beginners” mode. ???
I set to off in advanced mode and the problem was gone. Didn’t make a difference in beginners mode as the problem wasn’t there when on or off. Oh well, I’m good with that. Thanks very much!!

Great, glad that was it :+1:

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