Voids when in fill mode

I have notice when in fill mode with big images I’m getting voids in the image. In this example I’m running at 4 inches at 20% power flood fill mode on a Boss 2440 Ruida RDC644XS. I’m etching the back of a mirror.
Any ideas why?

Turn OFF (red) ‘Flood Fill’. This is intended to be used for large open space like a picture frame. Turn that off and this should not happen.

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Thanks I will give it a try…

If you’re getting gaps that large from using flood fill, I’d look at the mechanical parts of your system and make sure you don’t have play anywhere. Flood fill will highlight any mechanical looseness, but the cuts will still line up, they just might have very tiny gaps in spots that weren’t cut continuously.

What you’re showing here is much, much worse than that, so I’d look for a loose pinion, belt, bearing, etc. Turning off flood fill will behave better if your system is a bit loose, but you still have a problem. :slight_smile:

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