Waarom worden de schuine zwarte lijnen geprint? (Why are the angled black lines printed?)

We will need a lot more information than you have provided.

For a start:

  • What is the material?
  • What were your settings for the image?
  • What machine do you have?
  • Did you process the photo before importing into LightBurn?


materiaal : gekleurd papier

Eleksmaker 300 x 400 diode laser

snelheid 6000
Bidirectinal aan

Lijninterval 0,1
DPI 254
Graveerhoek 0
Afbeelding modus Jarvis
Negatief beeld off
uitkomst aan
cells pen inch 50
halftone angle 22,5
aantal keren 1
pastrough off

no process before importing photo