Wainlux JL3 not burning

Hello everyone i purchased a wainlux JL3 and i was able to update the software to GLB and connect it to lightburn but when trying to burn the laser wont power enough to actually burn wood it lights up and all but it does not actually burn. I am not sure how to set it up in light burn to make it work properly.
Any advice is appreciated greatly.

Does the laser show a weak blue dot on the wood?

I believe the Wainlux comes from the CNC side of things so $30 and Smax in Machine Settings are likely mismatched in this case.

In LightBurn you can verify the PWM scale as follows:
Click Edit, wheel down to click Machine Settings and post what you see beside $30.
Click Edit, wheel down to click Device Settings and post what you see in the bottom right hand corner for Smax.

The other obstacle that folks often encounter with new machines is not working in mm/minute… Please verify that you’re using mm/minute and share the speed you’ve selected for your project.