Waiting For Connection - Atomstack A10 Pro

Hi guys, new to lasers. Been using my Atomstack A10 Pro a few months, engraving Yetis.
No issues until now. Nothing has changed; turned the machine on and can’t get a connection.
-Restarted computer
-Disconnected and re-connected usb
-Restarted laser (done all three in different orders)
-Checked COM port and device, GRBL; correctly using COM 4 (tried others; it recognises a change of ports but still no joy
-Updated Lightburn and PC; no joy.

Laser is on, fan is running, the other strange thing is I can’t move the laser by hand left and right, but forward and back is fine. As soon as I turn the machine off it now moves freely. Could this be related?

Hum, try switching the X and Y motor cables and see if you can no longer move the Y (Front-to-Back) axis, if so, then you may have a dead servo motor.

This is what it is supposed to do with no power on the stepper motors. zit should move freely with no binding or rough spots.

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