Wallet & Key Fobs

Decided I needed a new wallet after my granddaughter’s puppy decided the old one made a great chew toy, The key fobs are an example of what I make for some car dealerships in Alberta.
I really need to practice my photography skills. The look better than the pictures show.


The detail in that tiger is amazing! I will get in trouble if I comment on the key fobs. Am I safe assuming everything is done in leather?, And you make the tags yourself?

Both the wallet and fobs are in leather although I also make the fobs in faux leather if requested. I have also make them using 1/4 " teak as well. The leather ones are much faster to make because I put the same image on both sides. With the leather I laser both sides, add contact cement and fold it over. The wood ones require precision positioning to do the other side.
I started making fobs for a local photographer after I accidently ordered 1000 key rings from Alibaba instead of 100. I keep the scraps from other projects and these are small, fast and leather is much cheaper than teak, oak, cherry etc…
I find grayscale the best option for leather.

This is very interesting! Maybe I could fobs with mermaids on them (I live in Florida). Thanks for sharing.

This print and cut trick makes it easy to print both sides.

I use print and cut all the time, However, for small items like key fobs, I find using the camera is faster.
I make hundreds of the attached coasters on thicker cardstock using print and cut. I print them on a laser printer and cut them with the laser. They’re made to be disposable.

it just makes it easier to line up double sided printing for me