Want to address some software oddities..could be LB..could be Windows

So there are a couple annoying gaffs that are not deadly sins but I would like to know if it is a default LB thing if so can I change it…or is it like we have no idea why that is.
First one is this. Every time I open lb why does it reset the windows panel on the right to a default with a bunch of carp I don’t want and not simply leaving it as is from the last shutdown. IE I have Move, Laser, Cut and properties stacked there. But every time I open LB new it resets to a default you set. Very much annoying to have to constantly reset that especially since I still have random issues with move window not wanting to stack in as previously stated.
Second is this. Is there a way to not have LB default to the last file saved name when I save a new file. IE….if the last file I saved was called say…Moose….when I close that out and create a totally new file when I go to save it I don’t want it to automatically have Moose profiled in. Has caused my some issues before. I get it that when file Moose is opened it will auto fill in the save name but why does it do it to a totally new file and can I stop it.
Same for issue one. Am I missing a setting to stop the auto setting of the windows every time.

so…we are ignoring these questions cause…this is annoying to have the right panel constantly reset to your defaults every time I open LB and have to reset it…EVERY>>>SINGLE>>>TIME>>>

Hi Scott, don’t think you’re being ignored, trying to copy what’s happening but not getting the results(the panels resetting)

Thank you for reporting this, we have not had this reported before that I am aware of.

How are you doing this “open” of LightBurn? Window and UI layout can be rearranged, and the new locations for this layout should be saved when you quit, and retained upon launching LightBurn the next time.

Please tell us more about your computer, the OS you are using, the version of LightBurn and the step-by-step process you do to get this result. We are trying to reproduce this described behavior and can not do so here. Please provide any details to help us reproduce. :slight_smile:

Please explain this process as well. I am seeing a different result when I click Save on a new file.

It might also be worthwhile to know the resolution of the screen on your computer.

SO here are screen shots of monitor resolution and settings.
Screenshot of computer info.
Screenshot of how my LB panels look after I have yet again reset them to how I like them…usually just move, laser, cut and sometimes properties. Now all I have to do is close out LB and whenever I reopen it you can see it has been reset to default panels for both my lasers called Ruida and Ruida Large.
Current LB update.
Not e the uploads are in reverse so read bottom to top. Notice in the top pic the panels have been rest with all the sub panels stacked in the top panel. This happens everytime I open LB…not rebooting comp just simply closing it out.
I will say it does seem to sometimes not do it if I close and open again BUT and BUT as soon as I swap to the other laser it definitely resets.

It does it also like I said when swapping between lasers. It will keep adding file list for some reason…I will close it out as seen in the screen shots and I will do this for both lasers but when I swap back to the other…there is file list again. Now if I completely close out LB and reopen it may retain previous settings UNTIl…I swap to the other laser and then it does the whole default thing back to all the panels I don’t want…it sucks and its weird.

Now see here…I simply closed out LB and reopened it and look at the panels stacked on the right. The previous post you can see I did not have these stacked and I simply closed LB out and reopened it.
And…this will also have the MOVE panel issue where I cannot have more than two panels open on the right until I delete them ALL and start from scratch starting with MOVE.

When you say “switch between lasers” - Are they both Ruida? It’s possible that the File List window is being added because you’re switching to a Ruida controller, but if you’re switching FROM one, it shouldn’t be showing it. I can take a look at that.

It might be causing the other issues - in general, if you have too much stuff stacked along the side, the docking system can do weird things, and may end up resetting the layout, though that’s not something I see very often. Let me try to reproduce what you’re seeing first, and I’ll report back.

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Ok, I’ve confirmed the reason that the file list keeps coming back and disabled that behavior for the next release. We’re hoping to get this out before too much longer.

Both are ruidas

O.k….well I appreciate it. It’s odd for sure.

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