Want to buy a 120mm camera

Is there an arrival date for the 120mm cameras? I noticed that they are out of stock. That is the size
I decided on. 500mm wide bed.

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Any day now - we were expecting them yesterday, but with our move (now done!) and tariffs, things are taking a bit longer than usual.


Thank you very much. I will keep a daily watch on the inventory. I do want
one as soon as you get them.

Any word on the cameras? I hate to be a bother, but it is Thursday. Thanks.

They’re up - they arrived today. Customs has been flagging every order I place, with different requests for information each time, often holding them up for over a week while they validate and figure out what tariffs to charge. It’s maddening.


Have you sent mine yet? JK
Mine is ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

What is the diff in the new 120 vs. the old 120?

No difference whatsoever. I’m going to be putting up different cameras soon that are 8mp.


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