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(Paul Lacombe) #1

I can now run on LB trial with my eleksmaker 3w laser using grbl 1.1f. 2 questions
the locate tool does not work. But I can engrave. Why ? Also the cut menu shows only line and not raster, etc as shown in tutorial.
Please help

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

The tutorials are older, Line is the same as cut, and Fill is the same as raster. They renamed them a while ago. But they have the same functionality.

(Paul Lacombe) #3

Thank you so much!
Any Idea why the locate tool does not work?
This is a very important feature for me.
Thanks a bunch!

(Rick James) #4

Would you please re-phrase as I am not aware of a “locate tool” within LightBurn.

(Paul Lacombe) #5

Locate tool on the left hand side. You click around your drawing and the laser head should move to that location. I can jog, engrave, but the head does not move when I click on my drawing using locate tool

(Rick James) #6

Just to be clear, are you saying if you use the ‘Position Laser’ under ‘Tools’ menu or from the toolbar, when you click a location on the workspace, you do not see movement of the laser head to that location?

(Paul Lacombe) #7

That’s right. It does not move.

(Paul Lacombe) #8

I use it from the tool bar. Head does not move.

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