Want to buy LB but

I can now run on LB trial with my eleksmaker 3w laser using grbl 1.1f. 2 questions
the locate tool does not work. But I can engrave. Why ? Also the cut menu shows only line and not raster, etc as shown in tutorial.
Please help

The tutorials are older, Line is the same as cut, and Fill is the same as raster. They renamed them a while ago. But they have the same functionality.

Thank you so much!
Any Idea why the locate tool does not work?
This is a very important feature for me.
Thanks a bunch!

Would you please re-phrase as I am not aware of a “locate tool” within LightBurn.

Locate tool on the left hand side. You click around your drawing and the laser head should move to that location. I can jog, engrave, but the head does not move when I click on my drawing using locate tool

Just to be clear, are you saying if you use the ‘Position Laser’ under ‘Tools’ menu or from the toolbar, when you click a location on the workspace, you do not see movement of the laser head to that location?

That’s right. It does not move.

I use it from the tool bar. Head does not move.

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