Want to export a LIghtburn file as DXF or SVG for input to Carbide Create v7 I get an error trying to open it with Carbide create. Help

In the move window I select to move the laser to right by selecting right arrow

“Carbide Create is a CAD/CAM program for CNC routers.” LIGHTBURN IS OPTIMIZED FOR LASERS, NOT MILLING. Sorry about the all-caps, too lazy to redo it. I have not heard of using Lightburn for milling, although maybe it can be done. This begs the question… What are you trying to accomplish?

I too have a CNC/Laser machine. If I were to create a part for milling, I would use a program like EZ-MILL or other CAD/CAM package (lots of free ones out there) to do the design work. As an experiment, use Lightburn to create an “.NC” (Gcode) file and see if the CNC mill will run it. I suggest you do it without a router bit because laser speeds are much higher (another reason to not use Lightburn).

If this does not change your mind, supply more details and we will see if we can help.

Yes, it’s best to use the compass arrows in the Move window. For a lead-screw device you’ll need to set your Jog speed and your engrave speed low. If the Jog arrows in the Move window don’t behave this way you may have the origin selected incorrectly. Does your 3018 pro have limit switches so it can auto-home?

I have an unmatched pair of 3018 laser engravers. LightBurn will absolutely run these devices.

We’re going to need a few more words and maybe a question. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if your post has anything to do with the title but if all you want is a DXF file made out of your LightBurn vectors then click File, then click Export and then select DXF and enter a filename.

This is cool… where did you find it?

I totally agree. Some folks prefer the gentle art-focused interface and workflow that LightBurn offers. I’ve read dozens of requests for a version of LightBurn for CNC milling machines. I think it’ll happen. :slight_smile:

This feels like somewhat of a red-herring. Without Z axis control in LightBurn this suggestion won’t get this fellow any closer to the (mostly unstated) goal. :slight_smile:

I don’t feel this is an issue. LightBurn will turn-down to the slowest speed that the control board will allow.

Put me on the list to get it. I would absolutely love to be able to toggle $32 to switch between Laser and CNC Mill.

Definately not if we can dual-purpose the software. Can’t wait!

Sorry I did not answer before now. It was mentioned in another LB posting. It looks quite interesting. Unfortunately, it cannot send Gcode to the CNC. I use Candle for that, but not much for creating tool paths.

My all-time favorite is Bridgeport Machines EZ-MILL package, but it is priced out of the hobbyist market. Curves are output as I,J commands, which GRBL v1.1f and later can handle. Sadly, my copy has to run on an XP machine.

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