Wanted nozzle head

Hello where I found a co2 laser head with a diameter of 16 thank you

I don’t think there is anything like that on the shelf.
Why you need a 16mm Tube?


to avoid removing the lens every time

Have you checked Cloud ray laser?

Cloudray does not have them… but Russ makes them. Cost me around 30£ about six months ago for a pair shipped from the UK to the US.

I’m in the process of making something similar but with a male thread instead of a female. The outside dimension of the tube he made me is 16.3mm. The inside dimension of the N03 nozzle on Cloudray is 16.1mm.

My plan is to get an extra nozzle and cut the tip off leaving the main body and thread. The 16.3mm tube shrinks to 16.1mm in the freezer, and the nozzle expands to 16.25 in the toaster oven. If any of you know how to re-sleeve a motor, you know what’s coming next.

Take a short, 20mm +/-, piece of the tube and the cut off nozzle. Put tube in freezer, nozzle in toaster oven. When you have them hot / cold enough, slip the tube in the nozzle quick and instant male adapter.

You can now put any of the Cloudray C or E series lens tubes on your laser.

NOTE: This is theoretical at this point. I have done it countless times with vehicle engines. I don’t have a spare nozzle right now to sacrifice, but I will add one to my next lens order.

“Russ makes them. It cost me around £ 30”
I can have address

I can’t put his email address on a public forum, but I can give you the link to the private YouTube video on the adapter. Leave him a comment with your email and he will get back to you.

Merci :heart_eyes:

He’s in the UK a little north of London.

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