Warn user about license expired?

Went to use lightburn this morning, did an update check. It installed without a hitch, however, it will not let me use the software because it says my license is expired.

If it’s easy enough to tell that my license is expired after I’ve upgraded, could we possibly warn the user that they are out of license compliance and that an upgrade will cripple them before the user executes said upgrade?

I realize the license keys can come super-fast during the day but when I’m trying to get work done at 7am, I don’t expect the good folks at lightburn to be up at 5am their time to tender me a new key.


I think that’s automated through the website. I’m not 100% on that though.

ALSO: Lightburn should continue to work with whatever version you had. LB doesn’t stop you from working. Or, rather it shouldn’t.

I’ll have to see if I can make the installer smart enough to check the expiry on your license key. If you use the ‘Check for Updates’ feature in the app it will tell you if the version will work for you or not. If you just download and install, I don’t have that filter in the installer.

You would have to have been running a version older than 0.9.05 for it to have prevented you from working with an expired key - newer releases have that bug fixed, but I do like the idea of checking the key and reminding you a week or two before the expiration that it’s going to happen. As it is now, you get a message the day of expiry, but then it just lets you keep working (that’s how it’s supposed to work, but the older versions had a bug that treated the expiry condition as an error)

There’s a strong chance I was running a version older than 0.9.05, as I hadn’t opened lightburn in a while, I’ve not been doing a lot of lasering lately!

That’s the feature I’m asking for, so sounds like this is already fulfilled. I wasn’t aware. Awesome, thanks!

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