Warped logo on final project

I have a 100w Omtech with a ruida controller. We use this laser for small text burn in on projects for our woodworking business and adding logos to pieces.

We haven’t used it extensively with a ton of shapes but for some reason this logo has been giving us issues. SVG format, file looks great on the computer but once it goes into the laser it is randomly warped on the top area. Sometimes when uploaded it doesn’t warp at all. Its really odd.

Roqoco_logo cleaner cricut

Text and other items are perfectly fine. I also created a few different SVG’s of that logo file and downloaded it fresh and still have the same issues.

The PNG import of that engraves perfectly fine, but the SVG version doesn’t always.

This might work better

What did you do? They look identical…

Doesn’t help much with no explanation of what you did to help them out…


I reduced the node count from 954 to 333 by starting over and drawing it with tangent arcs in Draftsight. The provided SVG from the OP had numerous problems - if you are interested - look at it in LB “line mode”.

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Would it be possible to upload your original artwork in SVG format to help visualize where the warping is occurring?
Seeing the finished project without seeing what it’s supposed to look like falls short of enough info to be of more help. :slight_smile:


The forum shows the Original and the Redrawn SVG files as images. Right-click and Save-as to take a look.

I’ll probably screen capture and share the line mode images when I have a look.

Ahhh… my bad.
I was thinking they were simply images. Thanks for pointing that out.

Seems like I recall there being some information about the uploaded files showing their extensions underneath.

Note to self: viewing threads on a cellphone is different from a PC, i.e., no mouse to right-click on with. Ha!