Warum ist die MAC Version so unterschiedlich gegenüber der W Version?

Warum ist das so, der Grund ist mir mehr als Unverständlich ?

Would you be so kind as to explain what difference you specifically mean? I run LightBurn on my Macbook pro from 2014, on an ancient Dell PC with Linux Mint and sometimes, to test with an old Windows PC as well. There may be some optical difference but I have not observed any program functional difference.

:slight_smile: ich habe diesen Post zu schnell und leichtfertig erstellt :slight_smile: soory dafür … habe mich an den gesehen Videos orientiert und dabei nicht die Einstellungsseite vorher kontrolliert :slight_smile: jetzt ist es augenscheinlich gleich (vorerst ;D) … l.g.

It’s good to hear you’ve dug a little deeper. That said, all editions for the different OS are technically the same. :wink:
If I may give you well-meaning advice, try to send your questions through Google Translate, otherwise “we” others will have to do the work for you, I also think you will get more response to your questions in the future, here in this nice forum, - welcome.

PS. when you start up your machine, you will see in LightBurn, in the status window, which firmware you have on your laser. For example. Gerbil 1.1f or similar.
You also have a profile in the machine setup, e.g. Gerbil STM or something similar in this direction.
You can exchange this information for “keine ahnung” :wink:

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