Wasting my time with Anycubic I3 Mega S (NOT PRO)

First post so here goes.
I want to use a laser for fabric cutting (to start with).
I’m thinking of some laser like a 450nm NEFE or Laser Tree etc etc about 40W electrical and say 7W Optical.
I have an Anycubic I3 Mage S (not PRO) and I’d like to use this machine as a laser platform because of space constraints.
The machine has been upgraded with larger MOSFETS.

I understand Anycubic run proprietary SW but that it is also based on Marlin.
I have also watched videos that show how the Pro gets power and PMW to the laser by using the extruder plug.

Is it possible to run Lightburn on the native board and are there instructions?
Alternatively is there another board I can use to achieve the same or better results than the PRO.


This post has a user with the same machine…

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