Water error 1 on 100 watt laser

I replaced tube 100 watt chinese laser and power supply. Found new power supply wired different from old one.Called vendor got new wiring instructions. Now laser wont fire evey time i fire it i get water error 1. I e3ven turned water off in controller and got machine error. Thanks for your help.

It’s probably not wired properly…

You gave me zero information to help you… I can’t read your mind of how you wired it, so you’ll have to assist us and give us the information you used to wire the interfaces.

The error is water protection, this is the WP input of the Ruida… do you have your chiller or coolant switch wired there? Or the lps P input?


I am sorry i didnt give you enough info. I don’t have the old wiring but this is what the factory gave me. I do know the original power supply had 3 wires where the new ps has 4. They go to pin block CN5 on the controller. I believe the water switch goes to3 and gnd. I have a chiller and I dont use the chiller switch

The water switch is supposed to pull the P terminal low or active, when there is coolant flow.

Do you have a volt/ohm meter to check it…?

The Ruida will illuminate LED 9 (WP1) if it’s active.

You are running coolant when you’re doing this?


Water is always flowing of power is on to the laser.yes I have a meter and will test and get back to you tomorrow thanks charlie

It should be an easy check/fix… either the switch closes when the coolant is flowing or it doesn’t…

Possibly missed a ground wire to the switch?

Good luck


Thanks I will let you know how it goes charlie

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