Wavey line fine marking

As per photo unable to tune out the wiggle in this line. I have tried reducing acceleration and curve also only marking at 20mm/s 10% power. Not sure what else it can be, have checked mirrors all in tight. Any suggestions plz

What about lowering the “jerk” value? Seems to be too high. The jerk means how fast acceleration increases (for me it’s something unimaginable, but it works)

do u mean start speed? I tried lowering to 5mm from 10mm but still the same, if I invert the job have the same lines but in a different location

No, I mean “cutting jerk” value. But I’m not sure if your laser uses this.

no such setting in my machine settings sorry :frowning: tried tightening the belt still no such luck

still getting although if i reduce speed to 14mm / second seems to be almost but gone but I think this is way to slow to be creating 100’s of products a day. Anyone help plz

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