Wavy burning with fill usring GRBL

I now have a second Genmitsu LE5040 and am running into the same wavy burning I did on my first. I tried a basic test where I burned the work TEST and just did it in “Line” mode. Then, without changing anything else, repeated the burn in “Fill” mode. The fill has a wave to it and does not fill the outline of the letters. I did the test again, this time without rapid movement. One test with 0° bi-directional the other at 90° bi-directional. In the images, you can see that the 90° worked better. Then I tried a burn of the SainSmart logo. One at 0° the other at 90°. That is the only difference. The results are night a day different. What is going on? it is as if there is a calculation issue or something. Both machines can’t be having the same issue… Any ideas?

This shows you have a belt-frame- slipping issue on your Y axis that is being made worse by the fast acceleration and head movements side to side (left to right)
Seems hardware to me so i would compare belt tensions and frame squareness

I have tightened both of the Y axis belts (there are two) and the X axis belt. Verified the alignment of the gantry to insure it is square and perpendicular to the base frame. I am running a test burn now… I am doing the same thing; one burn at 0° and one at 90°. I will let you know how it turns out. I hope you are right. :slight_smile: Thank you for the input.

That might have done it. The wavy part of the burn is gone now.

There is a stark contract between the 0° and 90° burn. 0° is much darker and you can see the burn lines where the 90° is lighter and each burn pass blends nicely into the next. An odd side affect. I upped the resolution to 350 lines/inch and it did the same thing. The 90° burn was darker though but still much smoother.

Being a diode source, the “dot” is not really a dot more a small dash
Probably yours is aligned in such a way 0 vs 90º gives you a diferent power delivery of power
But you could confirm this, doing a silly test 0 45 90º
If this is correct, the 45º should be the best outcome.

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