Wavy lines on laser engravings

I’m new at this. I’ve been doing engravings for a little while but I’m still learning. I cleaned all the mirrors and focal lense a couple days ago and ever since instead of getting a crisp burn I’m now getting some good lines but mostly broken wide broken wavy lines that bearly burn into the wood. I have already checked the mirror alignment tightens up all the bolts. I’ve got pics to show what is going on. I need help!

A pic would help a lot

I’ve tried 3 times to send you pics but they won’t go through

Maybe they will go this time

What’s the original look like?

What pic did you get? I’ve tried to send several. I kept getting emails saying they was not delivered.

When uploading a photo, you need to wait until they are fully uploaded before submitting the post.

As far the image, hard to say from what I can see but it looks like you may just be severely out of focus. Are those all line drawings?

Uploading the .lbrn file for comparison might help.

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