Wavy text using a rotary roller

Hey guys,

just received a Mansfield Customs rotary tool for my OMtech 130W auto focus. I am getting “waves” for lack of a better term on slanted text such as K & V. Squared letters, ie T, I, are coming out sharp with the same settings. I’ve calibrated my steps per rev with the roller, and adjusted numerous setting trying to narrow down whats wrong. The items are not slipping and rotating to scale properly.

Engrave speed/power
PWM rising edge in the X and Y

I have a solid mount, and belts/laser head are tight. My wood engravings are coming out great. Sharp and clear.

I’m at wits end and don’t really know what else to do.

How are you doing this? The scans appear left to right, assuming the they are upright when you hold the mug…? There is no knowing ‘up’ or any way to tell the orientation.

The vertical side of the T near the V is not what I’d call ‘sharp’. It may be an indicator of what’s going on.

Is this a new rotary

There is no ‘steps … roller’. The only adjustment for the ‘wheel’ is diameter.

How did you setup the steps/rotation of the motor?


The orientation when engraving is rotated 90deg clockwise from the picture. The X axis is working from the bottom of the letters to the top (when viewing this photo). My roller is working left to right. I set my my wheel diameter based of the produced (42mm) diameter and verified it would move a full circumference (in this case 276mm)

That’s an odd issue, is it happening anywhere else, like on the table ?

I’ve seen some strange stuff, don’t know if this would help you or not but check out the Lightburn documentation on the Ruida setup. At the end is a discussion on when the motor is set to step, raising or falling edge.

At this point, I’m not sure where to look… maybe you’ll see other ideas…


My standard engraving accurate. I did the calibrations and I’m calibrated in the x axis for sure. I don’t know where else to look as far as settings. It’s quite frustrating to not get a good accurate engrave.

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