Weak power bodor

Hello. I think my laser is not working right. I can’t cut 8mm plywood even if I use 25mm/sec and 100% power. I can cut 4mm plywood but I can’t go faster then 25mm/sec and it doesn’t matter if I use 10 or 100% power. I use lightburn and the laser is a Bodor 1326B 150w tube. Anyone can help me?

Are you setting both min power and max power? You should be when cutting.

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Yes I do. Before I was leaving the office i tried to cut 4mm again and then I had to change to 20speed. It’s no different in cutting in 20 or 100%

Do you have a ma meter connected to the laser so you can see the current being used? When the tube is firing, what color is it? Do you have perforation mode enabled accidentally maybe?

I will check the colour tomorrow. I don’t have any ma meter. I was trying the performation mode And the cut get thinner. Could it be something with the cooling water? I maybe added a little to much antifreeze liquid in it?

If the antifreeze liquid is conductive that would be bad, but it depends on what it is.

It’s antifreeze liquid you use to cars…
I’m gonna change to distilled water tomorrow morning to check if that is the problem…

On my bodor there is a milliamp meter on the display screen at the top, it is very small and next to the run-time readout, check that, How often do you run the tube at 100%? that’s never good and shortens the tubes life. If I remember correctly the 150 watt tube is max 30 or 32 Ma. Is it a Reci w4 or w6?

I did change the cooling water to only destilated water and cleaning the mirrors and lens, that did make a big change :+1: and I did find a cutting diagram for my laser. Thanks for the help

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