Weakened lines atomstack a5pro

Good morning guys, does anyone know what could be causing this? The line weakens, you can see? Has anyone gone through this and managed to solve it?

Hard to tell from the photo but it looks like banding. This can be caused by a few different things including teeth position on belts/pulley, overburn on overlapping laser passes, issues with the laser module, the focus dot of the laser, etc.

What material have you burned to in the picture? It’s not obvious. Looks like possibly MDF.

I’d suggest you try remedying by exploring:

  1. Change in line interval. Unintuitively higher isn’t necessarily better always. If you are going over the same part of the material more than once or overlapping it’s not always obvious how the material will respond to those overlaps. You can use the interval test in LightBurn to experiment with this.
  2. Scan angle. Modifying scan angle may avoid some of the conditions that caused the bands. This is especially true when focus dot is assymetrical.
  3. Defocusing - Defocusing can help in these situations by changing the nature of the operation from less of a vaporizing process to more of a general burn. It helps even out the bump so to speak. You can focus above or below the surface but I’ve had more luck with focusing above on my setup.

I really appreciate the tips, I’ll try to practice them

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