Web cam Just stops

Running Win 10 With a Ruida Kt332N and Lightburn 1.1.03 Was just cutting along finished up that job set up for another cutting and my webcam would not update the overlay, so I refresh the web cam and everything is out of Wack its distorted bad so no trouble Ill run calibration and it will not work ? any help

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Have you done a full shutdown and power-on of your computer after updating to 1.1.03? If not, might be worth a shot to do so. Some have found that this resolves their camera issues.

Thanks yes, I did, and you will be happy to know it was my fault lol for some reason I clicked the custom camara in setting’s …Don’t do that lol mess things up rely bad lol. But thanks a lot everyone.


Well, to be fair, that actually should work. And is better if your system can support it.

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