Weird anomaly with Radius feature

See pics:
If I create a rectangle and add radii to the corners, then double click between the start of the radius and the end of the radius, it causes a weird anomaly.
Can undo of course but was trying to remove the radius. It works as normal by returning to a corner if I just click on the end points as the documentation states.
Just thought it was an unusual outcome.
If I change the start point of the whole rectangle, the anomaly occurs there too. But it doesn’t occur in the other three corners that are not the start point.

I can’t seem to reproduce this on W11.

Can you get this to occur every time? Are there specific steps that will always produce this?


I didn’t start a new file and try again. Will do that tomorrow or later today.

If it does the same thing, I’ll upload the file itself.

But I’ll let you know either way.

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I’m curious if this is related to the inverted radius bug that was recently fixed or possibly a regression caused by the fix itself.

Just ti be clear, It only occurs at the corner where the start of the rectangle is. It doesn’t occur at the other 3 corners.
However, if I change the start point of the rectangle to another corner, then I can reproduce the anomaly at the “new” starting corner.

I did notice that from your earlier posts and tried this on both the original starting corner as well as after moving the start node. Same behavior.

Still occurring but oddly now not at the corner closest to the start point.

LightBurn Anomaly with Radius.lbrn2 (6.9 KB)

This time it blows the side to infinity. Now that’s weird.

Can you upload a file that has the pre-setup version of the shape such that trying to remove the radius causes the artifact?

Nothing I do can recreate it. I’ve started from your file, converted the curve to a line, and still can’t reproduce the issue so there must be something very specific I’m missing in my setup.

I reinstalled LightBurn (did NOT uninstall first as I’ve read it’s generally not recommended to do so) but the issue still exists.
LightBurn Anomaly with Radius Pre-Setup as requested.lbrn2 (5.3 KB)

Oh interesting. I can’t recreate the issue with your setup file so there’s likely something else going on.

When you reinstalled did you do a fresh download of the latest file?

No, but I can later today.
Have an appointment this afternoon.
Will look at it when I return.

Appreciate your assistance!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I can reproduce on a Mac, using the 1.4.01 beta. It is the “double-click” action that is causing this behavior. I asked @JohnJohn (win10 using 1.4.00 public release) to check on his systems and can also reproduce. Will generate a report. :slight_smile:

From my Mac running 1.4.01 Beta

John’s Win10 running 1.4.00 public release

I completely missed that @StevenM called that out and I either didn’t recognize it or dismissed it since I don’t double-click to remove the radius.

I can confirm that I can reproduce this on W11 on production release 1.4.00 by double-clicking, but not by single-clicking. Apology to @StevenM.

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Awesome follow-up!

Was beginning to think I was “cray-cray”!


No apologies needed


FYI: Fresh download and install did not resolve the issue.

Correct. I just created the report yesterday. We will need time to produce and test a fix for this issue. :slight_smile:

The correct usage for now (and going forward) is to not use a double-click. No issues have been reported when using a single click to add or remove a radius corner.


The documentation never mentions double-clicking on the radiused corner to return it back to its previous state. Not sure why I even did that.

[former life: we called it “Anti-Testing” in Development mode. It was fun to see who could break the new rollout before moving the code to Acceptance Testing, then on to Production.

There was that one guy that could always break latest Dev the first go-around. Ha!

Confirm that I can reproduce the odd behaviour on my Win11 on production release 1.4.00. Possibly interestingly, is the after an undo, double clicking again on the same corner works correctly. :crazy_face: :thinking:

This is fixed for the next release.