Weird but specific art library question

Hello to all.

I have all of my libraires and files saved and shared on a network storage. It makes it easy for me to access and share my libraries between my several different computers with LB installed.

I’ve recently run into a question. Do art libraries, and material libraries reload themselves upon each fresh launch of LB? I would assume so.

BUT. Do they also reload themselves if you open a saved project or are those libraries cached within that saved file? I understand that the library won’t update if it’s already open and you update that same library within another instance of LB.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. The libraries are loaded upon startup or “Load”.

I’m interpreting this to mean that you’re asking if the art libraries are saved with the project file. If so, the answer is no. The Art Library is independent of the project file. In the case of material libraries the project file can have a reference to the Material Library for a linked material but the library itself is not stored with the project file.

Cheers. Thanks for the clarification.

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