Weird issue with rotary graphic. see photo

the boarder engraves fine, but the words inside the boarder are all in one line- spent 2 hours trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. anyone have a clue? I imported the graphic in as an svg file from vectric vcarve, my other cnc mill cad. fyi- the image engraves perfect on flat stock. so I’m thinking it’s some rotary settings issue?

is there anybody out there???

@Rick @JohnJohn
when possible could you guys take a look

Please post your LBRN project file
And image of your galvo settings or export the device profile and upload as well please

Have you tried with the “Run Whole Shapes…” turned off? I think your settings are telling the rotary it doesn’t need to move if your shapes are less then 0.787 which is over 3/4 of your diameter. Not sure that is the issue but it is an unusual setup.
Post screen shots of your parameters and rotary setup please

i was thinking that as well but have little experience on galvos so… will let someone with more knowladge to reply :smiley:

I rarely use the “Run Whole Shapes” setting with my galvo (Chuck Rotary), like if running small text only and along the Y axis, and would limit the size to a small fraction of the diameter, like .1 or .2 in your case, not .7…
IIRC the older versions of LB did not have the limit, the “…if possible” was totally up to the user. I could run the whole shape right off the edge.

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hope these pics help. I am new to fiber lasers, or, lasers in general. I’m machinist and use vcarve on my cnc. instead of importing the shield vector into lightburn from vectric as an svg file, I just did the whole thing over in lightburn to avoid any import issues. in these pics, you can see how it looks flat, and what the image looks like on the rotary. I’ll try doing what everyone has suggested with the “run whole shapes” off… i can only upload 5 files at a time- i’ll do it in 2 posts.
lb nac shield rev 2.lbrn2 (110.8 KB)

Hey guys- i figured it out- my “pulse per revolution” was incorrectly set to 5000, and it needed to be at 25600 for my rotary stepper. thanks for all the suggestions! :slight_smile:

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If you’re willing, and if you happen to have a link to the manual for the chuck rotary or any of the set up documentation for your galvo laser, please post it here for the next person with one of these. :slight_smile:

That makes sense, the “Run Whole Shapes…” does a complete letter, then rotates based on the incorrect steps, then burns another whole letter. The shield ran as 1 whole shape so it wasn’t affected.
If you would have turned off the “Run Whole Shapes…” you would have seen the whole image squished including the shield instead of the individual spacing. Then the 5000 steps issue would have been obvious. Thanks for reporting back.