Weird LightBurn behavior after hardware (Cohesion3d board and motors) reconnect

Hello again.

First of all sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I took out gantry for cleaning. After installing it back my problems show up…
I have K40 with Cohesion3D board. Do not have axis blockade.
First time, when i connected the board, Lightburn just run. I set orgin (front left), set dimensions. That’s all.
Now K40 goes crazy :slight_smile:
If i set “Auto home at startup” or click HOME in lightburn head goes up, and goes left. Y axis is OK (in my opinion), head moving to top and goes parallel to gantry on top, but when it comes to upper-left corner it constantly hitting to left side gantry. I must power it off. If not, it won’t stop, for sure will damage stepper motor or belt.
Movement buttons work’s correct.
Setting x0 y0 in upper or lower left corner did not change anything, G92 X0 Y0 as well. Set orgin, Clear orgin - nothing changes
I checked Cohesion config file. Everything is OK.
Cohesion board, Lightburn, windows restart - nothing changes.
How should i set it back? What i’ve done wrong?

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