Weld and union commands

have been using weld and union commands with success as you can see from the screenshot. However I can’t union tree with ring or union the 3 trees.

What do you mean by “can’t”?

  • You are unable to do this? (your mouse doesn’t work, for example)
  • LightBurn refuses to let you do this? (the buttons don’t enable?)
  • The result is not what you expect?

Saying “I can’t do this” unfortunately doesn’t tell us what’s not working for you, or give us anything to go on. If you can say instead, “the buttons don’t enable” or “the tree disappears when I weld it” we can likely help.

Just looking at the picture first thing I’d do is ungroup the ornament.
Then select the ring that intersects the tree, then the tree. (might need reverse order)
Use the boolean or weld commands.

Most often boolean operation cannot be used because the shapes are not closed.

I have found that the Boolean ops do not work with more than 2 objects at a time. Make sure the ornament is completely grouped together.
Select the ornament group
CTRL+select the tree to
Boolean is ready

For the three trees - work with just two trees to join them, them add the last tree.

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