Weld feature not working for me

TrimDemo.lbrn (60.9 KB)

Trying to understand the boolean features and delete/trim some of the overlapping features of this file. I ungrouped entire image. The largest frame I grouped. The much smaller object is then overlaying the grouped large frame. I don’t want a double burn, need the to “weld” the two thereby snipping off the tip of the smaller object. The weld feature doesn’t work for me like I see in Lightburn demos. When I select the larger grouped frame and the small object, click “weld”, the smaller object just disappears, no combined outline.

Appreciate some help.

I’ve run into a similar problem in the past. When ungrouped, check the troublesome segments by using the node tool. You want to ensure that there is a complete path. I’ve found that sometimes the visually complete path is composed of segments that show disconnected via the node tool.

If this is unhelpful, consider to post your .lbrn file for examination.

“If this is unhelpful, consider to post your .lbrn file for examination.”
How do I post for examination?

It looks like you already posted the file though.

It’s important to understand how weld works - it keeps the overlapping area of all the shapes you feed it. What you want is to ‘subtract’ the big frame from the small parts, using the ‘Boolean Difference’ option.

Before that, make sure your shapes are closed - they aren’t, so go to Edit > Select Open Shapes to find them, then Edit > Close Selected Paths. That will close the shapes.


Group the parts so you have the ‘big frame’ as one group and the smaller frame parts as a second group. Duplicate the big frame, because it will be deleted by the difference operation. Then select the small frame, Shift+click the big frame, and click ‘Boolean Difference’.

The result:

That works perfectly. Many thanks.

Last question. Is there any major difference between Duplicate vs Copy/Paste?


Yes. Duplicate creates a copy in place, so it’s more like doing Copy / Paste in Place in a single keystroke, but it doesn’t actually copy anything to the clipboard, so if you already have something copied, it doesn’t affect that.

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