Weld, join, or just group?

I am unable to figure out how to make the four lines all connect. I’ve tried numerous options but nothing makes the ends connect. Advice please. :slight_smile:
notch weld join test.lbrn (7.8 KB)
Update: I just discovered that if use SNAP, the lines WILL join. Even on major zoom-in they looked good but I guess not close enough.

If you want to connect lines, you need join, ALT-J. The others are for shapes (that have an area).

ALT-J sometimes has issues joining two lines if their endpoints don’t match 101%, in that case go into “Edit Nodes” mode and drag on of the endpoints onto the other. It’ll snap and join automatically. This is what works in your file.

If I was doing that notch, I would create the big shape first, then create a second rectangle for the notch, position it where I need it, select both in order and use “Boolean Difference”. That automatically gives a closed shape.

And btw, if you just want to cut that out, you can just group it. It doesn’t matter if the lines are connected for cutting—the physical cuts will connect anyway ;).

Thanks! Yes, even on a major zoom-in they looked perfectly matched, but Alt-J did not work. But using the snap feature to make sure they “connected” did the trick. And I had already used group and cut, which did indeed work perfectly. I just wanted to MAKE THE ENDS JOIN! Hmmph. :slight_smile:

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