Weld not working

Weld and auto join are not working
Had a four sided shape and drew a box at the edge of the shape to reduce size without affecting box tab sizes. Split the shape and the box. Deleted 3 sides of the box and reduced the lines to touch each other.
Tried weld and join and neither work.

What is the process of doing this

How do I do the upload

errorexample.lbrn2 (11.0 KB)


What does that mean, sorry newbie in this. What do I need to do to correct

Thank you, going to try now

Worked a treat … Well impressed Thank you

Were you trying to draw that shape with the straight line tool? If so, you will learn that are better ways to things… as RalphU showed you.

Learning all the time. Still don’t get nodes though. Seem.useless at the moment.
RalphU was a star

Check out some YouTubes on nodes; I agree they are hard, especially if you are making curves:

To further describe nodes, they are points on a line. Each point can be just a point that can create a corner. If it is a curve creating point there are usually 2 “handles” that allow you to fine-tune the curve. If you try to create a shape using the pen tool and nodes, you’ve got to usually close that line into a shape. What RalphU was showing you, is that to create some shapes, it is better to use many shapes to build the overall shape you want. Once you do that, with common shapes, you just join/weld/union them together.

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