Weld . . . or What?

I have a pattern for a “living hinge” which is made up of multiple small parts.

Rather than having LightBurn cut them one at a time, is it possible to make it so that it groups all the pieces together to make the passes as efficient as possible? (I’m not certain that I’m describing this very well.)


Hi Joel, if it were mine i would try it using the ‘optimize cut path’ but using a piece of cardboard or something. (worth a try)

If you would please, post this file. We should be able to offer some suggestions once we can see how these shapes are built. :slight_smile:

In response, I’m sending the entire file of my experimental project rather than a crop of a portion of the screenshot in my original post…

The idea is that using the pattern over a picture, I can make the wood (and the picture) display as a wave - if that makes any sense according to my description.

When printing this file, the cuts are made more or less “randomly” all over the board . . . which I believe extends the cutting time considerably. .

I had “Optimize cut path” selected for at least one of my attempts . . .

WallWave.lbrn2 (2.1 MB)