Weld text inside a shape

Sorry for asking this may be a strange question, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but can’t figure it out.
I am trying to make a topper with a name inside a heart shape, I can do it in illustrator but when it comes to light burn I can’t figure it out. When I use the weld tool, the text is more likely to become minus front or minus back rather than welded.

I converted to path, ungrouped, and many different things but can’t get it right.

Thankyou for your time reading this post.

“Weld” means, “keep the overlapping area of both shapes”, so it’s doing exactly what you are asking it to.

What you want is to subtract the text from the inner heart shape, so it becomes a hole in it.
Read here: Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

And here is a video that might help as well:


Thankyou so much. Appreciate your reply.

Thankyou so much. This video was very helpful.

This morning I tried it again, for some reason only the weld button is turned on when I highlight the two shapes. The other 3 boolean buttons are greyed out, so can’t use them. I experimented with different fonts, and realized that whenever I change a letter using character map, lightburn doesn’t recognize them. Even when I convert them to path. If on the other hand I type normally then there is no problem at all. Any suggestions, please.?

That means some of your shapes are open. The boolean tools only work on closed shapes.

Go to Edit > Select Open Shapes and LightBurn will find anything in your design that isn’t closed.

You can also just select your design, un-group everything, then go to Edit > Auto Join (or press Alt+J).

“Convert to Path” seems to be the “I’ve given up and am trying anything” suggestion you get from people on FB. You only need to convert to path if you’re trying to node edit something like text or other native shapes (circle, rect, polyon).

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Problem solved. Thankyou for your great support. I never imagined that it could be this problem. This software is fantastic the more I use it ,the more I discover amazing things in it. Thankyou

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