Welding a svg image in a circle for a decoration

Hello Everyone could i please have some help?

I am trying to make some simple ring decorations and i am having a problem, I am not a graphics designer so I am probably missing something or not understanding.

On the image below you will see a simple ring and an image of a dog which I would like to place within the ring there will be an outer ring on it and hanging point as shown

I seem to be having a problem getting the dog to be welded to the ring, It welds fine on the outside of the ring but when i try to weld it on the inside it just disappears.

I dont really want to have to go and edit all the nodes and somehow incorporate the dog into the ring nodes really.

Is there a simple way of doing this please, the dog will be a solid object with the rest of the space in the ring cut out. I dont know what I’m doing wrong and not sure how to proceed with this.

I would also like to add words on the outer ring and inside on another decoration if this is possible , I have tried it and get the same problem the words disappear on the inside so clearly i have screwed up somewhere please. I am trying to put the word on the bottom after bending it but not sure if WELD is the right way to do this.

On the outside Weld works fine but on the inside No…just disappears. Please can someone tell me what i am doing wrong and a possible solution.

The dog is a separate SVG file that i actually purchased and its editable and I just imported it.

Many Thanks


Mac OSX, 10.14.6 Laser K40, LB 0.9.16.

Think I have just found the answer by using Booleans and Union and this video.

Thank you

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