Well it makes me laugh

while trying LB out I thought I would make a ply version of one of the signs on my workshop door.

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I like that! If you’d like for darker engraving and increased contrasts, slow the head down while maintaining the same power (or slower speed and more power).

The trick with wood for dark engraving is slower speeds and really soft air assist on the fill layers.

Or you can mask it before engraving, then spray with Marshes Template Ink. It does not bleed into the wood.

Thats two, fairly, slow quite powerful engraves…this batch of ply isn’t going as dark as my last lot.
I prefer lots of lighter goes then I can stop when I am happy…the light is out on my machine and I have forgotten wher I put it…Sigh…
marshes template ink might be worth looking at though I dont much like the paint in wood look.
We have hundreds of paques on my wites craft stall …wierd id the punters seem to like the burned edges
so moes I have to turn the air assist off but then the cleaning the toffee off the mirror/lens

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Reminds me of Bamboo. That’s tough to get dark. It’s why I say much of this is an art as there’s never really any constant to exactly achieving a resulting finish.

I’m going to need to make one of those.

Allen, thanks for the Marsh ink tip. I just ordered all colors ($70) for testing. Been using Laser Dark which works really good but at 3 times the price per can.

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I have been using the black mostly. I did buy a can of the white to test and so far I have not been as happy with the white color.