What are typical power supply readings for an Omtech 100W CO2 laser?

I am trying to diagnose a laser cutting power loss problem and I think I’ve narrowed it down to the power supply but I need some information about what a typical mA reading should be.

Right now at 95% power the power supply reads between 4 and 5 mA.

Is that typical or an indication that the power supply is bad?

I’m fairly new to all of this (got the laser 6 months ago) so I’m still learning all of the ins and outs.

The current should be around 25 mA, more or less, so there’s definitely something amiss in there.

Whether it is the power supply or the tube is difficult to figure out, but replacing the HV power supply is straightforward and (relatively) inexpensive. Buy from a reputable seller [*], rather than the cheapest Amazon / eBay source, in the hope of buying enough QC to get a working unit.

OMTech had a six month “warranty” on the tube & power supply in my laser, so you may be on your own at this point. It is definitely worth starting a conversation with them, because they may help you out.

[*] If their “storefront” displays laser power supplies, dog chew toys, beachware, and kitchen appliances, they are not reputable.

Thank you. It’s good to have a basis for reference. Omtech customer service has been very helpful but they said it was the laser tube that was the issue and replaced it under warranty, but after I replaced the tube it still has the same power problem. So I am moving on to the power supply.