What are your machine's microstepping settings?

Hello pewpew people.

Trying all sorts of things to solve wavy lines on fast cuts.
One of the things suggested was to see if i’m over-microstepped. Which, apparently may result in lost steps due to loss of torque, or inducing “magnetic backlash” oscillations (making cuts wavy ?).
Upon checking, my stepper drivers (M415DRV) are set to x32, which is insane.

Or is it ? What are your microstepping settings on your, specifically chinese, machines ?

To be clear, it is not controller or software question. Strictly hardware, stepper motor drivers in your machines.


x16 and x32 are typical settings.

@chaoticmind: whats your stepping setting ? and current ?

LightBurn has a variety of users with machines from small frame diode laser engravers to large industrial cutters. The parameters you are asking people for will vary widely. Just thought you should be aware.

Thats the point. I want to see what machines come with what stepping and what is expected in terms of precision.
Before my cutter i havent seen a printer or vinyl plotter microstepped to x32.
I’d also like to know of people who changed microstepping from factory, why they did it and how it went after change.

The x and y-axis are both x16 from the factory. I have no idea what the current is set to. I use my machine as configured by the factory.

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