What board is installed in the comgrow Z1 and can it be upgraded?

who makes this motherboard found in the Comgrow Z1 Falcon 10w model?
i would like to know what these pins are (A, B, C)

and where can i buy a replacement for the mb in case i need to?

If you ever need replacement you could reach out to comgrow maybe?
Otherwise you can always use an arduino with cnc shield and GRBL.

What upgrades would you like to have on your machine?

If you unscrew the motherboard manufacturer/model may be printed on the backside?

i was able to make my laser engraver work wirelessly with LB as seen here easy way Lightburn controls your laser engraver wirelessly! - YouTube
the rpi needs 5v though. would be nice if my Z1 has a 5v pin and ground to feed the rpi0.
strangely the Z1 does have ESP-01, BUT it refuses to work with ESP-Link. cant use the pins though because it is 3.3v

Have you tried connecting LaserGRBL to the ESP-01 using websockets or telnet serial?
WiFi with ESP8266 – LaserGRBL

I don’t know for certain but I suspect that if you can get the telnet serial connection working it may have basic functionality in LightBurn.

im afraid that link you shared is too bare. no detailed instruction.
this is the detailed instruction i followed esp-01 serial bridge over WIFI (esp-link) - YouTube
was able to log into the ESP

but it console, i dont see anything

You may want to review the page again. It may seem bare but should have sufficient detail to flash the bridge. The linked github pages have additional steps.

Note that this is not using ESP-link.

you could branch out your 12v input and run it through a stepdown converter to 5v

ok. thanks for the clarification! i read your link in detail now. so i would need an Arduino to connect to the laser engraver. next the ESP chip translate to wifi. correct?
the part of arduino and esp is super clear. the part about arduino and laser is not so i assume i use the included usb type B (standard printer cable) will be plugged into the Arduino

No. That’s only if you use an arduino as your control board. Also, I think you can potentially use an arduino to program the ESP if you don’t have a dedicated programmer.

Once you get the sketch loaded onto the ESP it can run on its own.

ok. i understand fully now. wish i didnt have to get an Uno for programming.
i was able to do EspLink using a FTDI usb adapter. flashing was so easy with bin files.
i am searching around for bin files now to do SerialWebsocket flashing without the Uno now…

after googling, it seems possible to convert ino to bin files based on this link: Create .bin (binary) Files with Sketch on Arduino IDE | Random Nerd Tutorials

alright, happy to say i got websocket working onto the ESP-01 chip. i was able to make a bin file then manually flash chip using a FTDI usb adapter, no need for Arduino.
i saw the esp8266 wifi AP and then config it to my own wifi.
it is up and running as seen here

sadly, LaserGRBL program refuses to connect to it:


it did not work with ESP-Link and now this Websocket. i will have to assume the mobo’s fw does not support this feature. very strange that it works fine with Comgrow’s phone app though…
so for now, the only way to control wirelessly is through using the rpi0 or any other SBC.


Not good.

Although I’m curious about this. It’s a little confusing because this should be very low level and the ESP01 should be wired directly to Serial on the control board. Can you confirm the pins?

Are you able to try with the Telnet to Serial sketch?

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