What camera, what Lens?

I’m interested in buying the camera setup.
I have a 28x20 bed Blue/grey 60 watt (Ruida) model laser.
What camera and lens is recommended for this set up.
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We are not able to help you with the information you have provided. The key bit required is the distance from your chosen camera mounting point to the bed of the system. This measurement, along with the bed size will be needed to calculate the correct lens for you. Once you have these measurements, the following post explains how to calculate the correct lens choice.

One of the forum members put this together to help as well: Lightburn Camera Calculator

thank you, that was a big help. looks like I need the 5mp 160.
Bummer it’s out of stock.
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That is very rarely the correct choice. I’m guessing you measured the height with the lid closed, not open: Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

I measured with the lid down, center of window glass thinking the location of the camera would be looking straight down to the center of the bed (11"). Is this wrong? I’ve seen others mount the camera on the front of the lid though pointing back and down towards the bed.
I’m confused. I’m sure you are right that I’ve chosen the wrong camera. I’m sure you can tell that I’m new to the laser scene.

Not wrong, but not what we recommend. :slight_smile:

  • The ideal mounting position for the camera is directly above the center of the bed of the laser, with the bed completely in view (similar to the image shown above). We generally recommend mounting on the inside of the lid, when opened, like this:


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Thanks, now I have a better understanding of the camera placement and distance’s from the table.
Boy was I way off.

I think I will go with the 8MP (4K-N) Does this camera fit the smaller or larger mount? I’d like to order them up today.
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The 4K-N cameras use the smaller mount. There’s a link to the correct mount for every camera on the page for each camera.

Just made the purchase at you store.

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