What causes these lines?

Hi, I’m new to engraving.

At first my laser engraving was nice and clear. Now I am getting these ugly lines in my engravings.

No settings have been changed and these lines have been gradually getting worse. The same burn file has been used for 40 burns. Just keeps getting worse.

The engraving used to be clean like this

Hi Michael, have you tried to clean up the mirrors and lenses ?

Yes I did, I used a Q-Tip and it didn’t get better.

It’s a Ortur 20W diode laser so I assume I only have a lens to clean and not mirrors?

I used Windex this time on a Q-Tip and followed with a dry Q-tip and it improved the lines by approximately 50%. Is there a better way to clean the lens?

The obvious difference is one is going with the grain and one against.

Engraving wood will always bring up artefacts depending on the wood itself.

Yes I agree with the wood grains and the imperfections of wood, that image is day 1, the lines in question are the lines in the other images that follow the shape of the letter, not the wood grain. Almost like a CNC router would leave pattern lines

post your file and I will look at it.

I think I have the Eureka moment, pre software update file that says Christina Lake was burned an hour ago and looks like crap. Brand new “ABC” burn file set up and burned 14 min ago is a clean smooth burn. Can it be the update that did it?

16 inch Lake Life Logo.lbrn (253.8 KB)

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