What causes wavy lines

I have just noticed while experimenting that I am getting a wavy line at the start of the burn. At first I though of belt tension etc but that all seems to be ok. I have tried changing the acceleration settings slowing the acceleration right down but that does not seem to make any difference. Tried adjusting Jerk settings but again cannot seem to make any headway.
Does anyone have any advice.WIN_20200112_19_23_04_Pro WIN_20200112_19_23_34_Pro

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You’re right on the money for what causes that… but that leaves you only with speed to decrease at this point. It’s 100% that your laser head is overshooting, then bouncing back before settling down. You were on the right track but beyond that the only thing you can do is slow down.
Not sure what type of laser you have… if it’s a diode you need to make sure the laser module is 100% locked down as that being loose will cause it too.

Thanks Tim Man.
I have tried slowing down. I cut some laserply at 65mm/sec and I was still getting a wavy line at the start.
The laser is a 100watt Co2 built to my own design. The nozzle head is as light as I can get it but maybe I need to reduce the weight even more! I will have to do more investigating.

What type of motors and belts do you have? Hoping at least Nema23 and 10mm wide belts. Otherwise 65mm/s is WAY too fast. I used to have a home built machine and even with those specs I generally maxed out at 35mm/s before I started seeing what you are.

Oops Typo error. Yea I meant 35mm/sec and not 65mm/sec.
I’m running nema 17 on the X geared down 2 to 1 and a nema 23 on the Y also geared down 2 to 1. 10mm GT2 belts on both. Don’t seem to loose steps even when running high engraving speeds. I think the problem is with the inertia of the nozzle head. I’m gonna have a redesign and weight reduction.

Ah, yeah. Even with a Nema 23 on the Y it looks like your wobble is mostly in that direction… in that case the wobble is coming from your entire X rail. Hard to get the weight down on that.
Good luck!

Make sure all your mirrors are tight.

Check out my issues I have been working on.

Here are some Ideas I have been working on. I see improvement, but not where I want it to be.

  1. slow down for vector cutting
  2. mirrors tight?
  3. pulley tighter on one side than the other.
  4. Shake in the laser head.
  5. Curve Tollerance

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