What cleaning solution is best

What cleaning solution is best for CO-2 mirrors and lenses, alcohol, acetone, Windex, preferences and why ?

I highly recommend using lens cleaner for cameras.
Mainly, because that’s exactly what it’s designed for. Just that these mirrors and lenses aren’t in a camera. But optical components are basically all the same.

I use this cleaning solution: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BI2H0BG/ref=dp_cerb_1

Also, DO NOT use the re-usable cleaning cloths that often come with lens cleaner! They inevitably get dirty and you can end up scratching your optics. Use “lens tissue paper” like this: https://www.amazon.com/250-Sheets-Booklets-MagicFiber-Microfiber/dp/B00C9L6MWI/

I will take one sheet of that and rip it in half. Spray one half with the cleaner and clean the mirrors/lens. Then use the other have to wipe everything dry (this just speeds up drying that will happen naturally).

Are these Zeiss wipes safe to use as well?


That works too. I just don’t use such things since they seem wasteful (in terms of packaging) but I admit they are convenient.

Meths and a paper towel

The same as I use for wiping down cuts, scans, etc.

What is Meths? :thinking:

Methylated spirits. Denatured alcohol.

I am surprised that nobody mentioned acetone. That seems to be the only thing I tried that dried with NO streaks without rubbing after it dries ( it dries very quick ). We don’t have to worry about lens coatings like they have on cameras, a coating that is on the outside of the mirror or focus lens, would burn up with the beam of the laser. Any ideas.

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Actually most laser lenses do have an anti-reflective coating, but I have no idea if acetone is harmful to it or not.

OK looks like I,ll be using pure ethanol instead.

Probably because most tube and mirror manufacturers specifically say “don’t use acetone”.

Denatured alcohol is great for 99% of the time you need to clean.

Here is a good conversation about the subject on Reddit



I bought Koala eyeglass cleaner because using just a cleaning cloth on my glasses seems to only smudge them and make them worse. I suggest you wash and dry your glasses first with lukewarm water. After that, apply the cleaning agent you have on its lenses and gently rub it in circles on both sides. Plus, do not forget to wipe all the fluid off your eyewear for streak-free clarity.