What did I do to make such wide cuts? What do I change to fix it?

I’m using LightBurn on 2 Macs, one in my house, one in my workshop. The one in the workshop has been hooked up to my Shapeoko with my JTech laser on it. I can’t keep it connected long term - long story there. The LightBurn in the shop seems okay, but whenever I try to do a preview on the LightBurn instance in my house, now I get something this:

I’m sure I changed some kind of setting without realizing it. What did I mess up and what needs changing?

judging purely in the visible information it appears your cut is just …very very tiny and is therfore previwing very very tiny.
What is the size supposed to be?

Your LB in the house isn’t set up the same was the LB in your shop. Set up the machine so it’s identical to the one in the shop.

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Will exporting the settings from the shop and importing them into the instance in the house do that?

Do you mean the overall size of the project? About 5" high.

If you mean size of the cut, I have no idea what it should be.

First, while I didn’t quote it, I do get the issue about quitting to save prefs.

I’ve done some research and found what I’ve said in this post on different thread with other issues. So I’m thinking that would make sure both Macs have the correct settings. Is there anything wrong with what I suggest there? (Post quoted below for convenience.)

Something with units from one machine to the other?

If that image is 5" high then 64mm (In preview) of laser travel doesn’t seem right.
The longest line is about 1/3 the image height and that line alone would be 40-50mm long.

Line interval looks 0.15" (mm which would be more like it)?


I’ve spent a few weeks, working solidly, getting my CNC up and running, adding the laser, and working on a 3D printer. I’m trying to work all this out, but it’s been a bit much, so it may be a few days before I get back to the topic. Just wanted to let people know I’m not ignoring their input - it’s definitely appreciated!

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While I marked @Blake’s answer as the solution, I suspect others were on target with their answers, too.

The problem with settings is the computers are in different buildings, 500’ apart, so I wanted to know what files to copy and save on an NAS to paste into the setup of the 2nd Mac. The other thing is I’m trying so hard to learn and get things up and running, so I can get going with this (and a few other similar devices) that I’m a bit overwhelmed and sometimes not thinking of all my options - when I focus, I get tunnel vision!

I have RealVNC on the shop computer for connecting to some Raspberry Pi systems in there, for controlling various machines and it just didn’t click in my head to do the same from the study. (I was thinking one-way - using the shop Mac to reach out to other machines.) So I used Screen Sharing in my study to connect to the Mac in the shop. Then I opened Lightburn and went through prefs and settings, while side by side, and made sure the study system had the same settings as the shop computer. It went faster than I thought, since there weren’t dozens of settings or tabs to go through.

Now it looks like it should when I check a preview.

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