What do can I do with Out 1 and Out 2

Hey everybody. I was wondering. Is there anything I can use the Out1 and Out2 terminals for from the CN1 area of my 6442 main board?

Nothing that I know of. I asked the same question to Ruida a year ago, and was told they were for ‘future use’.

I’ve poked at those as well and came to the same conclusion. RDWorks has IO1 and IO2 switches in the UI, which set values in the RD job file that gets sent to the machine, but they don’t appear to do anything.

I appreciate your responses.

If you want a stack light, I believe the wiring is:

  • CN1 Pin 4 Status for “Job Running” (yellow or red)
  • CN1 Pin 3 Out 1 for “Machine is Idle” (green)
  • CN1 Pin 2 Out 2 for “Alarm” (yellow or red & bell)

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