What do these designations mean on a lens?

What does CX/AR(LP) mean? Same for CC.

Convex (CX) side has Anti-Reflective (AR) coating
Concave (CC) side has Anti-Reflective (AR) coating
I think LP means it’s somehow polarized but unsure.

Thank you! Very good to know. And now looking at my other lenses it appears that PO means plano.

Well, the lens you showed was a “meniscus” lens meaning it will have convex and concave sides. But non-meniscus lenses will be one of any other combination of CC, CX, and PO, just never CC/CX


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Side note: if this lens you have is intended to replace the PO lens you mention - you probably got the wrong lens. A meniscus lens will have a very different beam convergence and different focal distance most likely.
If you intended that, then carry on. Just wanted to note the warning.

I’m clear on what each one is and how to use them. I have a handful of different lenses for different purposes and know that the lens I asked about was a meniscus lens. Some of my others are plano convex. I just didn’t realize what those letter designations meant.

That’s a good lens. :+1:

Just used it for the first time the other day to do some cutting. Seems to work well. I have the universal engraving nozzle with its associated lenses as well as a II-VI 1.5" plano convex.