What does Shade According to Power actually do?

When I do a project and I select preview to see what it’s going to look like, there is a button below that says “shade according to power.” What specifically does this do and when should it be used? What actually encouraged to the engraving when this is selected, or not selected? I’m new to this forum and will most likely be asking a lot of questions and I certainly appreciate everyone’s assistance and help. I have a Longer Ray5 10W using Lightburn 1.4. Also, I tried to create a business card on business card aluminum stock that is coded black. When I do this, it doesn’t pop like it should, showing the aluminum underneath, it’s simply shaded. Doesn’t make it look good. Anybody have any ideas on how to engrave on aluminum business card stock that’s coated black? Possibly watch settings I should use. Again, greatly appreciate any and all assistance.

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This is covered in the documentation:
Preview Window - LightBurn Software Documentation

Basically, it will use darker shading for areas meant to be burned at higher power and vice versa. You will only really see a difference when using settings where this is true like grayscale image mode.


Thank you for your prompt reply

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