What does your shop layout look like?

My new laser (a DSP1060 with an RDC6445G) was just delivered on Wednesday and I’ve got it up and running, but haven’t put it in a permanent home in my shop yet.

I’m curious how other people have set up their work areas when they have large machines and other equipment. I see people running desktop lasers where they can see into the machine while sitting at the computer running it, but that doesn’t work well for a machine this size.

I’m sure my setup will evolve as I learn and use the machine, but it’s going to be a pain to move things because I’ll probably need to run overhead supports for the vent duct, power, and data - all of the space along the walls is already occupied by other equipment, most of which is capable of throwing metal chips and lubricant around and can’t get too cozy with the laser. I’d love to get some pointers from people who have been running largish machines effectively and maybe skip an iteration or two of layout revision.


I did not have room in the wood shop, so the laser in my office. With a good exhaust and and ultra quiet compressor it is not very loud at all. It is also nice to have the laser near my design computer so I can create a design then swivel my office chair and setup the material in the laser and hit start. Having the laser in the office is probably for the best, I don’t think having the laser in a dusty shop environment would be very good for it.

Having the laser in the office is probably for the best, I don’t think having the laser in a dusty shop environment would be very good for it.

Mine’s not a wood shop, it’s mostly electronics - with some machining/metalworking in one corner. Access to the vent duct means the laser can’t be too far from that stuff, but the metalworking mess is mostly contained.

My electronics lab (where I am now) is the cleanest room, but it’s only about 14’x14’ and it’s already packed. The dirt in the shop area is mostly just what blows in through the cracks in the roll-up doors - I’m going to have to try sealing those up better.

Is your laser low enough that you can see it from your chair? How tall is it? (That was actually the topic of another post I just made.) I need to build a stand for mine.

I’ll have to ponder the feasibility of using it while seated. Only makes sense if I can get it close to a computer, and there’s other stuff the two PCs out there need to run.

Hah… maybe what I need is a set of tracks on the floor and a moving workstation. :slight_smile: That way I could scoot around to the marking laser, milling machine, vinyl cutter, flatbed printer, pick-and-place, or whatever I’m controlling at the moment.

The bed is about 34 inches above the floor, the top of the laser is about 43 inches.

As long as my wife’s car fits in, the other half of the garage is mine.
My thought was when i bought her her car i made sure it was a small car. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Thanks for the feedback on height! Got my stand welded and painted yesterday and the height is perfect.

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I like how you built the chiller into the base, very nice. But that CW-3000 is going to beg to be replaced with a 5000 soon.

I had a general idea of leaving space on the bottom for the chiller and stuff, but I can’t say I planned it out that carefully - I threw the thing together and it just happened to perfectly fit a piece of white shelving I had on hand! I also just finished attaching the air dryer/regulator for the air assist to the side.

I figured that CW-3000 might be inadequate in the long run, but it was what came with the package and I’ll see how it works out. Our average daily high temperatures here range all the way from 63 F in the winter to a whopping 73 F in the summer, so we’ll see how it does.

If you have max room temps of 73 in the summer you might be ok. My 3000 worked great till the first time the room temp climbed over 70.

I think you would benefit from something like this
With the use of a bracket to mount to your frame.




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Thanks, I’ll consider those if I revise it. I got impatient to get the machine settled in so I went with what I had on hand - it’s hard to see here but it does have casters on it, just not terribly heavy duty ones.

Make sure they are rated for a certain weight otherwise they may buckle during the middle of a job . That’s the way it usually happens at the least opportune time.

Also keep in mind that the weight load should consider whatever you decide to put in the bd to engrave as well. Hopefully not slabs of black granite or marble for funeral stones.



I used the ones that came with the machine. I have bigger ones on hand, but they didn’t fit well with the steel I had, and didn’t have brakes. If it seems like it might be a problem, I’ll put some wood blocks under the legs so it won’t go anywhere if they give out. Can’t justify taking it apart again right now - I’m in my shop alone for the lockdown so getting the machine onto the stand in the first place required the forklift and a lot of running around and carefully nudging.

No plans to engrave headstones! I do sometimes laser serial numbers and manufacture dates onto random rocks with my marking laser just to mess with people, though.

Words? Who needs words?


Nice! What I really need is a second floor - it’d give me about 2000 square feet more space AND give me a lower, flat ceiling for the main floor. No way am I going to have the budget for that any time soon, though.

Is that a commercial shop space or do you have a really large and awesome garage?

I’ve got that same blast cabinet, but the window visibility has gone downhill since a couple of barn owls started roosting over it.

Its my garage (3 car detached garage that sits behind the home). I cut a new window for that blast cabinet with… The Laser :slight_smile: because yes, they can go to hell (either by way of barn owls or reflecting aluminum oxide / glass bead/ walnut shell)

It started out as (and was for many years) just an unfinished space. The one day, I got one of those wild hairs up my. Well, you know.


What I want to know is where your wife parks her car and how big a diamond :ring: did you have to buy her if she does not care .

Awesome :sunglasses: looking shop


Behind the building is the garden shed with my air compressor. I designed and built the controller for my new compressed air system which incorporates a delay panel so when the pressure switch engages, the air dryer and aftercooler fan start. Then 45 seconds later the compressor turns on. This allows the air dryer to chill down for the recovery cycle and prevents me from having to keep the unit constantly running. (I used my laser cutter to make the mounting panel for the components in the controller box.)

On the lower half of the wall of my garden shed are two gable vents for fresh air intake while on the roof is a vent. I installed a blower (in the picture) just below the compressor. It automatically comes on with the air dryer and pulls in outside air from the vent into the shed (to help keep the heat buildup down).

I also have in here the vac head for the central vac system I plumbed in to the workspace.


That’s one hell of a garage shop! And your dumbwaiter is freaking awesome. I’ve pondered building something like that for my shop, since for now I have to use my forklift to get heavy stuff up to the loft. The loft is over the office area, though, and I’d have to have some kind of guide or enclosure for a lift.

I’m afraid my shop isn’t likely to ever look that nice. I have a peaked ceiling that goes to 30’ or more, so even changing lights requires a scissor lift, and they only painted about halfway up. It’d take a ton of high-altitude drywall and painting work to make it really look finished.

Tell me about your air dryer - is that necessary for the laser specifically, or is it for general shop air use? I have a 40 gallon compressor out back, but the few things in the shop that need dry air (including the laser) have their own oil/water separators and filters. I’m hoping the unit I’ve got installed on the laser is adequate.

And as I’m writing this I just remembered that one of my workbenches that I got used like a decade ago has a nice filter/regulator hidden away in it that I’ve never used. Time to go cannibalize that thing.